Mini Rangers | Kids Martial Arts in Sydney

Our mission in this program is to empower children for life through high quality innovative Martial Arts training.

Pinnacle Martial Arts – Mini Rangers program has been specifically designed and tailored for 3-6 year olds of all levels and different personalities. The activities, drills and concepts have been created to target the needs and challenges of early childhood development and school readiness.

Our aim is to ensure that the Mini Rangers enjoy and participate in a non-competitive, safe, and friendly environment allowing them to develop concentration, confidence, social skills and further enhancing their motor skills, coordination and athleticism.

The Mini Ranger Martial Arts program is unique and currently runs in over 50 of the most prestigious preschools in Australia. The instructors at Pinnacle are highly certified, experienced, and capable in teaching children from ages 3-6 of all different personalities and levels. The instructors have a long-standing experience in knowing how to get the best out of children.

Our comprehensive Martial Arts programs offers children a strong foundation in essential character-building qualities such as confidence, focus, courtesy, respect, self-control and discipline. In addition, the program is designed to improve children’s motor skills and enhance their ability to pay attention and follow directions. All classes are taught using the most safe, fun, and exciting instruction methods available for this age group.

We aim to teach our Mini Rangers the skills that will allow them to progress to the next level and simultaneously building essential life skills through our Martial Arts classes.

More Benefits of training with Pinnacle Martial Marrickville & Chester Hill Sydney

The Kids Martial Arts programs we offer focus on building the child’s confidence, discipline, Respect, self-esteem, self-control, balance, power, strength, speed, agility, motor skills, Health, focus, Fitness, determination, problem solving, team work, communication skills, concentration though specific Kids & Teens Martial Arts and Self Defence in a structured, fun, motivating, safe family friendly environment.

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Pinnacle Kids Martial Arts Taekwondo Academy in Sydney is the ideal place for your learn and progress 

The Pinnacle Martial Arts Kids Programs are specifically designed to address and improve the physical development, Character development, Fitness, Flexibility, Balance, Coordination, Discipline, Self Defence, Confidence and Martial Arts Skills.

The Pinnacle kids Martial Arts in Marrickville Inner West and Chester Hill, Bankstown Area Southwest Sydney is a unique mix of Kids Korean Karate, training in the popular Martial Art of Taekwondo, specific kids Self Defence methods, fun basic Boxing & Kick-boxing combinations, Kids Kung Fu influenced Martial Arts and selected techniques from various popular Martial Arts.

Due to the popular and highly recommended Mini Rangers Programs our members travel to Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy to participate in our exciting Mini Rangers program from Marrickville, Chester Hill, South West Sydney, Guildford West, Guildford East, Old Guildford, Villawood, Yagoona, Fairfield East, Guildford, South Granville, Bass Hill, Sefton, Bankstown Area, Petersham, Lewisham, Stanmore, Hurlstone Park, Canterbury,  Dulwich Hill, Earlwood, Sydenham and Tempe all under the guidance of world class master instructors, Coaches and trainers.