Teens Martial Arts

Martial arts classes for Teen’s

Over the last 50 years of Martial Arts training Grand Master Hassan and the Pinnacle Martial Arts am of Black Belt Masters  have studied and enhanced the already effective Pinnacle self-defence techniques, for Kids, Children and Teens, to deliver effective Self Defence training and dynamic, exciting and fun Martial Arts for divers abilities and levels. Kids and Teens Martial Arts is an art and at Pinnacle we feel that just like painting, drawing or sculpting we have to properly structure our programs to ensure that what we teach through correct technique so that the students learning Martial Arts can defend themselves under various circumstances. Traditional Martial Arts/Karate is an extremely powerful self-defence martial art. Pinnacle has taken the practical & effective Martial Arts techniques and improved on them for greater effectiveness while in turn ensuring that the defender, in the training sessions, is safe. At Pinnacle we have studied and researched the Martial Art of Taekwondo, Various prominent Martial Arts and boxing to provide the students with the most comprehensive martial arts that is spectacular, dynamic, effective and realistic. Through our 50 years of training we have been able to produce and select techniques from various martial arts from around the world to ensure that we provide this to our students so that they can reach their pinnacle in Martial Arts.
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