Tips for Being a Respected Korean Karate Instructor | Pinnacle Martial Arts In Marrickville Inner West & Chester Hill South West Sydney

Are you someone who began your career in martial arts Marrickville thinking that the job of a Korean Karate instructor is an easy one? Well, if you have, then you would have realized the hard truth by now, which is that being a Korean Karate instructor is not easy, especially if you are teaching kids.

If you are to teach kids the various techniques of Korean Karate at kids martial arts Marrickville, it would require you to have great knowledge, a sense of creativity, great kindness, good psychology, and most importantly, greater patience. Patience is much necessary when you are teaching kids as showcasing authority and other signs of power won’t work well with them. With patience and kindness, kids will love and respect you, or else they will fear you.

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By teaching kids the various principles and techniques of Korean Karate, you are shaping the future of this martial arts technique. This alone is a huge responsibility and therefore you should make sure that you are good at teaching Korean Karate to kids. So, how can you be good at it so that they love and respect you? Here are some tips:

  • Reward Good Behaviour – Kids always love to be rewarded and acknowledged, if they have done some good deed. If you do so constantly, they will realize that you are a good instructor who praises the good actions. When you reward, you are reinforcing the fact that they should only do good deeds. But along with these good angelic kids who do good all the time, you can also find those who behave like devils. They would be mischievous kids who would always be looking to pick on others. While rewarding good behaviour, you should also remember not to punish that bad behaviour, but instead ignore them. By ignoring them, they would gradually turn into doing good things so as to be rewarded and acknowledged.
  • Never Get Angry – As mentioned above, patience is one of the virtues that a Korean Karate instructor should have. Teaching kids is often a nightmare for most as they are usually too tough to handle. But, no matter how tough and wild a class is, never show any signs of anger towards the kids. You, as a Korean Karate instructor, is supposed to be a cool and composed leader and not someone who loses his temper very easily. Kids may not do what you ask them to, but they would do what you do. They may easily forget what you tell them, but they would rarely forget how you made them feel. Be strong, warm and secure, if you want the kids to love and respect you.
  • Begin and End with Fun Stuff – It is important that you begin and end a class with fun activities, just something that puts a smile across their face. Even though the whole class is boring, kids will remember the first and final minutes and think of the whole class as fun.

Always remember that love and respect cannot be earned overnight, but over time. If you want to send your kids & teens to a Korean Karate academy that has a friendly and welcoming environment, then choose the best martial arts in Marrickville and kids martial arts in Marrickville academy. Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy, with its well-established training centres in Marrickville and Chester Hill, this academy can provide training in Self Defence & various martial arts styles, including Korean Karate & Self Defence.


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