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Self-control may not be the primary thing that rings a bell when somebody says about Martial Arts, especially in kids. Few learn this as a principal exercise during their course.

The art of fighting goes hand in hand with the control of mind and body. But, during a fight, not everyone can be in control of the mind, as mind control itself is an art wherein even elders fail. In such instances, a person involved in martial arts will completely depend on his/her physical abilities. Completely depending on physical movements is just like giving a big way to welcome injuries.


Practising kids martial arts in Marrickville will help your kids to learn focus, be confident while being aware of his physical movements. Whether it is Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai or Judo or any such, each Martial Arts In Marrickville technique teach the student how to attain that harmonious balance with body and mind.

Common Injuries in Martial arts

Like all games, wounds and injuries can occur while rehearsing Martial Arts. Wounds (injuries) can happen while rehearsing punches or kicks and by using an excess of power to reach a cushion pad or individual.

Tendonitis (sprains), muscle strains, and bone fractures can happen in any part of the body, but commonly at the lower legs, knees, thighs, and toes. Lower body wounds can occur when getting a bounce or kick erroneously, kicking excessively high and with an excess of intensity, and with poor structure.

In the chest area, elbows, wrist, and fingers are the most well-known territories to get hurt. Landing punches with poor procedure or techniques make these wounds more probable. Scratches happen from the opponent’s nails or by being pulled down, like wrestling. If you are wounded, disinfect the wound ALWAYS and refrain from moving around to diminish the opportunity of further escalation of injury.

Blackouts are a hazard while taking an interest in combative techniques. Head injuries occur while competing and contact happens with the head by a punch or kick. Blackouts can likewise happen when the individual experiences a hurl and reaches the ground or tangle. But, these things occur only when you do it without proper care!

Safeguarding against injuries

Anticipation is the most ideal approach to prevent any damage in life. The same applies to martial arts. Many things can influence the probability of damage occurring and include the following things:


Just like a mentor, the instructor sets the tone of the class. His experience and the way of thinking will determine what the kid’s class guidance will be. The teacher should ensure that all understudies use the proper strategy during any Martial Arts competition.

The Place:

All mats, cushions and ground surface ought to be well kept up and the floor even. There ought to be sufficient room so that the understudies won’t slam into one another while rehearsing. The best training centre for Martial Arts Marrickville offers state of the art facilities, making your Kid’s Martial Arts Marrickville experience the best one.

Defensive gears:

All understudies should wear proper uniforms. Safety gears intend to permit a lot of movement while ensuring safety. Whenever possible, understudies should wear face guards, shin and foot pads, headgear, lower arm cushions, and chest defenders. Wearing the best defensive gears will help decrease the probability of wounds.


Just like other games, kids need to do a proper warm up, cool down and muscle stretching. The understudy should hydrate well, get enough rest and have a nutritious and balanced eating regimen. Make sure your kid understands everything that his teacher teaches.

The Teachings:

At last, pick a martial arts academy that can provide expert training for your youngster. While wounds are a plausibility for any life activity, providing training through a centre having the best facilities can diminish those dangers.

These are some ways to reduce the risks of injuries for Martial Arts kids. We, at Pinnacle Kids Martial Arts In Marrickville, provide the best of care to all the kids enrolled with us by providing the best Martial arts training, service, and facilities. Contact us

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