Korean Karate Exercises for Kids | Pinnacle Martial Arts In Marrickville Inner West & Chester Hill South West Sydney

One of the most popular martial arts styles taught at kids martial arts in Marrickville and martial arts in Marrickville would be Korean Karate. This is an ancient form of martial arts style that provides the best benefits to those practising it, be it kids or adults.

Korean Karate helps each person practising it to be a better version of his self and reap many awesome benefits. It aims at the holistic improvement of a person and provides him with better discipline and other quality virtues. It is recommended that one start practising Korean Karate at a very young age. Here are some exercises that kids can do to improve in Korean Karate:

Note: These exercises must be practised with your feet shoulder-width apart and, for the best results, must be repeated for at least 10 times.

  • Hit your Shadow – Do you feel sad that you don’t have a partner to train with? Well, don’t worry, as there is a fun exercise you can do on your own with your shadow as the partner. This exercise is known as Hit your Shadow. For this exercise, you need to stand with your back to a light source, facing a wall. This will help cast a shadow on the wall and you can raise both of your fists and then snap out a punch and return it quickly. You can switch arms and repeat the exercise.
  • Front Stance – Martial Arts & Korean Karate requires your legs to be as strong as anything. For this exercise, stand straight and place your hands on your hips. Keeping your left leg straight, lunge forward with your right leg until you are not able to see your toes. Stay so for a couple of seconds and return to the starting positions. Switch legs and repeat the exercise.
  • Front Kick – Kicks are an integral part of Korean Karate and for mastering the technique, you should understand how to kick properly and effectively. This can be bettered by practising the Front Kick exercise. For this, stand with one leg slightly in front of the other and your arms bent at the elbow, with the fists folded, in a punching stance. Next, lift your back leg with your knee bent. Your toes must also be flexed. Then, extend your legs out and raise it up. Come back to the bent position and place your leg on the floor. Switch to the other leg and repeat.
  • Gorilla Thumping – This would be something that all of us would have done at least once in our lifetime. This is an exercise that should be done slowly and pick up the pace once you are improved. Do this exercise by thumping your chest four times in a gorilla style (all of you would have seen it in movies), alternating arms. After this, sit on the floor in a squat position and slap the floor with your palms four times. Return to the starting position.

These are some of the exercises that kids can practice to improve their karate training. For the best Martial Arts & Korean Karate training, enrol with the best martial arts Marrickville and kids martial arts Marrickville training academy that provide comprehensive and dynamic training Pinnacle Martial Arts Near Me.