What is Pinnacle Kids Taekwondo in Sydney | Pinnacle Martial Arts in Marrickville Inner West and Chester Hill in South West Sydney

Taekwondo is one of the most popular and widely practised martial art styles. This is a dynamic form of martial arts and its popularity has led it to be a popular Olympic Sport. Taekwondo is also one of the most celebrated styles as martial arts in Marrickville.

The name Taekwondo is a Korean word and “Tae” stands for foot, “Kwon” stands for fist and “Do” means the way of. The popularity of Taekwondo is all thanks to it being a martial arts form that anyone can practice, be it adults or kids who train at kids martial arts Marrickville. Taekwondo literally means “the way of the foot and fist”. Even though the roots of this martial arts form began around 2300 years ago in Korea, it is only from 1955 that the term Taekwondo began to be used.


The major characteristics of Taekwondo are that it is dynamic, fast, exciting and provides great many health benefits. This is one of the primary reasons why it is one of the most practised types of Martial Arts all around the world. Anyone can start training in Taekwondo, be it kids as young as 3, teens, adults, males or females.

Taekwondo is one of the most spectacular, systematic and scientific forms of Korean traditional martial arts. Taekwondo training at martial arts Marrickville teaches each practitioner more than physical fighting skills. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing our spirit and life through training our body and mind to work as one.

How will Taekwondo Training at Pinnacle Martial Arts Benefit your Child?

The greatest highlight of Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy is that the instructors, be it the Grand Master, Master Instructors or Coaches have a combined experience of 150 years. This is unmatched by any martial arts academy currently operating anywhere. This helps your child to get the best and world-class training that turns them into champions.

The instructors at Pinnacle Martial Arts, the kids martial arts In Marrickville training centre, are all highly renowned and certified nationally and internationally. The team of instructors are always keeping up to date with the latest trends, rules, techniques and scientific training methods to provide the best for our students through skills, knowledge, experience in a caring and safe environment.

Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy has programs that are age-specific. It, therefore, means that we have training methodologies that are specifically designed for kids, starting from 3 years of age. The Kids Taekwondo programs we offer focus on building the child’s confidence, discipline, self-esteem, self-control, balance, power, strength, speed, agility, motor skills, focus, determination, problem solving, teamwork, communication skills, concentration through Martial Arts Taekwondo and Self Defence in a structured, fun, motivating, safe family-friendly environment.

The instructors at Pinnacle also teach in child care centres, preschools, primary schools and high schools which means they are very confident in teaching all diverse types of abilities, personalities and levels.

Enrol your kids with Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy, the best training academy in Marrickville, Sydney, where they can learn and grow. Help your kids reach their pinnacle and become martial arts champions with us.