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Exercising is a common thing today and people take up engaging in physical activities to stay fit and healthy. Studies have revealed that activities like jogging can increase life expectancy, while yoga helps us be happy. But what about training in martial arts Marrickville?

Martial Arts in Marrickville training is associated with a great number of benefits, which are mostly physical benefits. But many studies have also revealed that martial arts training can provide many benefits to the mind too. But is martial arts all about enhancing mental and physical health? Well, researches have revealed that it is more than that.


Many studies conducted on the benefits of martial arts have proven that it also helps boost the cognitive function of the brain. So, how can martial arts training boost the brain? Let us take a look at it:

  • Improved Attention – There are two ways to improve attention, according to researchers. One is Attention Training (AT) and the other Attention State Training (AST). Attention Training includes practising a specific skill and getting better at that skill. Attention State Training, on the other hand, is getting into a specific state of mind so that you have a stronger focus. Martial arts training is a form of AST and it is linked with better performance on a divided attention task.
  • Reduced Aggression – Kids Martial arts in Marrickville training that laid most emphasis on helping kids respect other people and defend themselves as part of an anti-bullying programme was found out to reduce aggression in boys. This was evident after a study was conducted on boys aged between 8-11. They also found out that the boys were eager to step in and help someone who was being bullied, more frequently than they did before training. Well, the interesting fact is that this particular behaviour was present not only in children but in adults too.
  • Better Stress Management – There are many forms and styles of martial arts that place a great emphasis on controlled breathing and meditation. These techniques can be much helpful in relieving stress from the mind and reduce all feelings of stress. People practising martial arts, both young and adults, can be able to manage stress better.
  • Better Emotional Well-being – Grown ups engaged in martial arts training showed lower levels of depression. This can be attributed to the meditative aspect of martial arts styles. This can also provide practitioners with a greater level of self-esteem. This throws light on the direct effect of physical health on emotional well-being.
  • Improved Memory – Improved memory is also one of the results that practising martial arts can provide the people with. This idea was formulated after a study conducted on a group of people engaged in a sedentary lifestyle and a group that engaged in martial arts training. They found out that the people who were engaged in martial arts training had improved working memory. They were able to recall and repeat a series of numbers, both in the correct order and backwards.

Well, it is clear that martial arts come with a huge load of benefits for all age groups. These benefits include physical, mental and even for your brain too. For the best benefits, train in martial arts with Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy, the best adults and kids martial arts Marrickville training centre. We provide a dynamic and comprehensive training in some of the popular martial arts styles.

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