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Enrol your child now in our highly disciplined therapeutical Kids Martial Arts programs


Grow your child’s confidence and never worry about your child being too shy

Moral Development

Your child will learn more about the value of respect, humility, honour, courage and patience

Martial Arts for Physical Development in Marrickville and Chester Hill Sydney

Physical Development

Improve your child’s strength, fitness, fine motor skills and gross motor skills

Improve Focus with Martial Arts training in Marrickville and Chester Hill Sydney


Our Martial arts programs aim to embed the children with laser beam focus

Self Defence

Bully-proof your child with our age specific Martial Arts Self Defence classes


Constantly selecting different kids to demonstrate techniques and lead the way for others

Develop Goal Setting through Martial Arts training in Marrickville and Chester Hill Sydney

Goal Setting

Instructors will constantly set various goals for your children to achieve such as higher belt rank

Team Work

Our programs get children to interact/engage with others.

The Pinnacle Martial Arts Experience in Bankstown in South West Sydney

Our Experience

Creating Taekwondo champions, role models and leaders with over 35 years experience in doing so