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There has been a misconception that martial arts training and its very knowledge would make the person more aggressive and less moral. People feared that martial arts practitioners would lose their values of ethics.

But in truth, martial arts training makes a practitioner more ethical than he was. Martial arts styles and forms were all designed and developed by elders so that people could become better, both mentally and physically. So, what are the ethical qualities that students develop through martial arts training? Let us have a look:

  • Humility – Being humble is one of the hardest things for a human. However hard he tries, there would be many instances where the ‘I’ factor, the self-centred ego, comes into play. Humility, in martial arts, would mean not boasting about one’s own abilities, while also, on the other hand, not heaping criticism on the abilities, lack of it, of others. Winning in all tournaments or having a big school with efficient students could make even the most skilled martial artist become vain and boast about his achievements. But, due care must be implemented to ensure that these skilled martial artists do not become too vain or self-indulgent.
  • Respect – One of the most important values that martial arts training teaches a student is respect. A martial arts practitioner would learn to respect himself, respect his elders and instructors and his fellow students. Also, martial arts students are made to bow to the opponent before a training session or a competition. This respect forms the basis of all martial arts styles.
  • Honesty – Having a high moral character is the most important aspect of being a true martial artist. A true martial artist should not be swayed by positions or money, but stay true to the principles that made him what he is and take pride in his abilities. He should be the one who shows others the right path and help them be honest in their life. Only this would help them have a clear conscience sense of righteousness.
  • Courage – Having some knowledge of Karate and martial arts would make a person courageous. Courage, in a martial arts perspective, doesn’t mean the absence of fear, but the ability to achieve one’s goals, despite the fear. Real courage is considered on the terms of the willingness to defend justice and truth, no matter what the danger and cost are.
  • Self-control – Self-control and self-discipline are the ethics that martial arts teach the practitioners. The knowledge that you have attained from martial arts training must not be used to give vent to your anger or emotions. The use of forces in normal life situations should be only used as a last resort or to defend those who are not able to defend themselves.

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