Martijn Oostendorp

I started training with Pinnacle Master Arts in March 2015. From day one, I enjoyed the high quality training and friendly the atmosphere at the club. I relocated from The Netherlands, where I practiced and taught Taekwondo for over 20 years. Master Kedar Iskandar and Grandmaster Hassan Iskandar impressed me with their innovative training methods, experience and knowledge. Most of all, their friendly and open-minded character.

I have been training at Pinnacle Martial Arts for more than a year now. My respect for the club, its trainers and its members has only grown in that time. I have been able to improve my techniques and condition under the leadership of Grand Master Hassan and Master Kedar. Pinnacle Martial Arts has also provided training in a friendly and welcoming environment.

I highly recommend joining their classes. You’ll find Pinnacle Martial Arts will be a great club to cater to your needs. If you’re interested in top level taekwondo competition, learning to defend yourself or if you’re just looking for a sport for physical and mental development, Pinnacle Martial Arts is the place to be.

Pinnacle Martial Arts