Effective Korean Karate Diet | Pinnacle Martial Art sclasses in Marrickville Inner West and Chester Hill in South West Sydney

Are you able to picture yourself practising Korean Karate at martial arts in Marrickville after the age of 70? Well, you wouldn’t be so sure about that, but it would be great to know that there are Martial Arts masters who have trained even when they were above 90 years of age. So, how were these masters able to do so?

Kids-Martial-Arts-MarrickvilleIt is all about strictly following a lifestyle no matter what. They follow a specific diet which has a simple motto, “be low in calories, but high in nutrition”. So, let us check what the diet is all about:

  • Stop Eating at 80% – The best way to be healthy and fit is to stop eating once you are 80% full. It is because overeating stresses the body and causes inflammation. This becomes an important factor in longevity.
  • Eat more Veggies – To be low in calories and high in nutrition, eat more vegetables, herbs, soy legumes and so on. The best foods are Bitter Melon, Fennel, Turmeric, Tofu and so on. These foods promote better health by providing a lot of health benefits.
  • Include Omega-3 – Omega-3 fatty acids provides the best health benefits for humans. It helps in promoting brain function and also reduces the risk of heart disease. The best natural sources of Omega-3 fatty acids are Soy and fish products.
  • Include more Vitamin D and Calcium – One of the most natural sources of calcium in Okinawa is water. This mineral, combined with the Vitamin D levels gained from sun exposure delays risks of osteoporosis. This keeps your bones and joints strong. Vitamin D also boosts testosterone production that enhances physical performance.
  • Don’t Stop Karate – Along with having all these superfoods, carry on practising Korean Karate with martial arts Marrickville and kids martial arts Marrickville academy. This can help you and your kids to reap its many benefits. Practising Korean Karate regularly can help you have the stamina, mobility, strength and mental health to practice it at an even older age. It also helps in keeping you sharper and stronger at all times.

Korean Karate is one of the best and oldest martial arts styles in the world. This is also the most popular martial arts style which is thought to have been originated in the earlier days itself. Practising Karate the best way and having the best foods can help in the overall development of the practitioner.

Korean Karate can be practised the best way with the best adults and kids martial arts in Marrickville training academy. For the best training enrol with Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy that has well-established Karate training centres in Marrickville and Chester Hill.