Martial Arts in Marrickville for kids, teens & adults, Pinnacle Taekwondo Martial Arts classes are a popular Martial Arts mix of Taekwondo, effective Martial Arts Self Defence, proven Martial Arts, Korean Karate, Kung Fu, Sports Taekwondo, Martial Arts fitness & dynamic Karate in Marrickville Inner West, Earlwood Canterbury area, Chester Hill Bankstown area & Caddens in Penrith Western Sydney.

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Pinnacle Martial Arts

Certified Martial Arts Instructors in Marrickville and Chester Hill Sydney

Pinnacle Martial Arts in Marrickville, EarlwoodCaddens Penrith area & Chester Hill Sydney isn’t your traditional Martial Arts.

Grand Master Hassan has worked very hard to revamp the Pinnacle Martial Arts curriculum traveling around the world, gaining knowledge about the latest Martial Arts training techniques, methods, and drills then carefully selecting the most effective, fun, practical, and modern way of teaching. Creating exciting programs for practitioners of all ages, levels, and different personalities.

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Mini Rangers - Kids Martial Arts in Sydney

Mini Rangers 3-6 years

Develop your child’s motor skills, social skills, focus, concentration and discipline. Most of all, a class full of FUN!

Martial Rangers-Kids Martial Arts in Sydney

Martial Rangers 7-12

Further develop your child’s social skills, personal character and effective self defence in a safe family friendly environment.

Teens Martial Arts in Marrickville and Chester Hill Sydney

Teen’s Martial Arts 13-18 years

Reach your own Pinnacle through structured Martial Arts training all while getting fit and learning effective self-defence techniques.


Adult’s Martial Arts

Get fit and tone up, Gain more flexibility, confidence, and strength. Learn effective self defence methods through traditional martial arts training

Taekwondo in Marrickville Inner West and Chester Hill Sydney

Olympic Style Taekwondo

 Train and compete under the guidance of world class coaches in a safe environment along side State and National Taekwondo champions

Martial Arts Programs in Marrickville

Pre Schools, Schools & Corporate Programs

We deliver Martial Arts, Self Defence, Fitness programs specifcally desgined for preschools, primary & high schools and diverse groups all over Sydney


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Pinnacle Martial Arts in Marrickville , Earlwood, Chester Hill & Caddens, Penrith in Sydney for popular Taekwondo, Martial Arts Self Defence, Kung Fu & Kids + Adults Karate classes in Marrickville Inner West Sydney & Chester Hill Southwest Sydney.

Pinnacle Karate Martial Arts in Marrickville offers various physical, mental, and emotional benefits, including improved fitness, enhanced flexibility, increased focus, discipline, self-confidence, and stress relief.

Pinnacle Martial Arts Self Defence in Marrickville equip individuals with effective Martial Arts Self Defence techniques, enhancing personal safety and confidence. Progressing through levels and mastering techniques boosts self-confidence and self-esteem.

Pinnacle Martial Arts Taekwondo in Marrickville for kids teens & adults is a family friendly Martial Arts Academy that is famous for transforming many students into respected role models, successful leaders, and Australian champions. Pinnacle Martial Arts Taekwondo Marrickville is the home of local, state, national & international Taekwondo Champions, and Australian representatives.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Children can start Martial Arts classes with Pinnacle as young as 3 years old in our Mini Rangers Programme, this is suitable for boys and girls.

No, all our classes are split to be age and fitness specific. Our Taekwondo and self-defence classes are all specifically catered to better the skill and fitness of the age group.

Our programs are: Mini Rangers 3-7 years, Martial Rangers 7-12 years, Teenager, Adults and Taekwondo High Performance training which have proven to be extremely popular over the years. We also offer pre-school and schools programs in Sydney, which are designed to suit specific needs and capabilities.

We offer a range of programs and packages to suit different budgets and needs. We recommend that you come in for a free trial lesson and speak to our friendly staff for all the information and costings required.

Location 1: 23 Yabsley Ave Marrickville Inner West Sydney opposite Marrickville High School
Location 2: 12 Banool St Chester Hill in South West Sydney inside Bill Lovely hall in the park

All instructors at Pinnacle Martial Arts are fully accredited from the renowned Australian Sports Commission and all our instructors are certified with Kukkiwon and the World Taekwondo Federation. Additionally, all instructors have ‘Working with children’ checks and First Aid Certificates.

We have an excellent Master/ Instructors to student ratio to ensure that your children have all the support and experience to assist with their development as well as their specific needs.

  • Comprehensive development of the child’s physical, mental and character of your child.
  • Confidence
  • Fitness in agilities, strength, flexibility, and cardio
  • Discipline and Focus
  • Teamwork training
  • Community Engagement and sense of belonging

Yes, we have created a safe and family friendly atmosphere in our studios. We believe that the presents of family will motivate the child, especially when they first begin.

We have a belt structure in place that helps us reward and recognise your child’s improvement and development, we hold every three months.

Depending on the students commitment Black Belt can be achieved in 3-4 years.

Our program is designed to promote respect, discipline, and self-control. Our thorough education by our masters during our classes will ensure that there is no violence used.

Pinnacle Martial Arts is a top mix of Martial Arts Self-Defence, Taekwondo, Karate, Kung-FU, Fun kick Boxing methods and fitness.

Yes, it is imperative to be aware of their medical and unique needs to ensure we work with your child in a way that is in harmony with his/her medical needs, especially in cases of epilepsy.