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Laura Morison

Laura Morison 3rd Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt Since coming to Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy I have made many new friends. My time spent at Taekwondo has helped me to relieve stress from school and continues to build my confidence and develops my leadership skills. I find myself being so fit, that at school sport I […]
Laura Morison - Pinnacle Martial Arts

James Tarlamis

I love Taekwondo because it makes me sweaty, and sometimes we play games. It also makes me strong and it makes me a better soccer player.

Olivia Tarlamis

Pinnacle Martial Arts has helped me build my confidence, and also has helped me become a better dancer. This Taekwondo academy is really good for my ballet because it strengthens my legs, which helps me to balance.  

Christian Taralmis

Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy has helped me a lot with my flexibility and my experience in competing in tournaments. I have a lot more confidence in meeting new friends, and also dealing with the challenges that come with it. Another afternoon activity I have is soccer. My skills as a player have enhanced due to […]

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