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Martial arts classes for 6 to 12 years old

Pinnacle’s Martial Rangers program caters for primary kids ranging from 6 – 12 years of age and has been a successful program with our students. This program has been such a success that we already have students who have gained their black belt’s within the Children’s program. This is due to the successful Kids Martial Arts program and latest training methods and techniques that has allowed Pinnacle students to progress through the ranks at high speeds with confidence,skill and ability.

The students’ progress isn’t without hard work and dedication but we feel that through our program we have been able to achieve the competitiveness to win medals at local, state, national and international competitions.

Martial arts is an excellent cross training sport that will greatly compliment the performance, balance, stamina, and concentration of any athlete in other sports outside of Martial arts. In turn we feel that other sports, outside of Martial Arts, are a great advantage and serve to compliment Martial arts.

Our members travel to Pinnacle Martial Arts Academy to participate in our exciting Martial Rangers program from Marrickville, Chester Hill, Old Guildford, Villawood, Regents Park, Earlwood, Tempe, Lewisham all under the guidance of world class master instructors.


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